Gumaroy Newman


Gumaroy is a proud Aboriginal man from the Gamilaroi and Wakka Wakka nations, who is passionate about sharing his culture.

His diverse offerings of cultural education and entertainment in the public and corporate space include:

  • Event Openings, Launches & Performances
  • Master of Ceremonies (MC)
  • Key Note Speaker
  • Traditional & Contemporary Yidaki (Didgeridoo) Player
  • Yidaki Yulugi Dance Crew Performances
  • Songman
  • Award Winning Poet

  • Award Winning Poet
  • Dreamtime Story Teller
  • Cultural Ceremonies
  • Festivals, Naturalisation Events, Weddings, Christenings, Birthdays
  • Orchestral, Ensemble, Quartet & Band Accompaniment
  • School Performances & Interactive Workshops (over 1200 schools worldwide)
  • Yidaki Lessons



  • “After seeing Gumaroy Newman’s fantastic performances recently at both the Australian Museum and Custom’s House we were very excited to have him come to our Hurstville Children’s Centre to entertain and educate us!”
  • "Gumaroy Newman is everything we hoped for from a contemporary Indigenous performer, comfortable with his traditions, proud of his heritage and aware of the power of his unique presence and voice. His versatile performance was empowering to our Indigenous guests and at the same time gently educated the multicultural audience with passion and humour."
  • “The sold-out evening event was opened by an extraordinary performance by Gumaroy, an Aboriginal performer, who simply blew everyone away. I had nuthin’ primal on that guy, an incredible show.”
  • “Gumaroy was able to draw us all in to his world through his performance and warmth. We can’t wait for him to come back again so we can dance, sing and play again. All of us: children, parents and educators were totally mesmerised by the wonderful and interactive experience that Gumaroy gave us through music, dance and song.”